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The International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry – succeeded in impressively confirming its role once again as the most important industry meeting point for experts from all over the world: to the tune of 20,200 international trade visitors travelled to Moscow to find out about the latest developments in the fields of equipment for the oil and gas industries.

At MACH 2012, Unison launches an innovative quick-change tooling system that dramatically speeds tooling changes on its all-electric tube bending machines. The system covers all of the tooling components on the machine, and includes barcode identification to verify the changeover process. On a 50 mm single-stack machine, for example, a fully validated changeover involving six basic tool components to switch from manufacturing one good part to another can be accomplished in less than three min.

Power plant construction in Asia is booming. New power plants in India or China need to meet the growing energy demands of the aspiring economic nations. Power plant constructors are consequently also making provisions: new production sites are emerging, which guarantee efficient production of the components.

Fiberspar Corporation, the leading producer of spoolable fiberglass-reinforced line pipe, has introduced its newest large-diameter LinePipe(TM) product offering twice the reel capacity of similar spoolable products.

Ardian Infrastructure will become shareholder of Autovia Padania, contractor of the motorway concession Piacenza-Cremona-Brescia.
Once finalized, the deal creates a partnership between a leading global motorway operator and one of the most important investment firms in the world and represents the basis to jointly develop new business opportunities in the infrastructure sector in Italy and around the world.

Production from deeper and more corrosive subsea reservoirs requires pipelines to cope with increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulfide throughout the life of field. Subsea 7 and Butting have developed a unique solution that involves reel lay installation of mechanically lined pipe (BuBi lined pipe).

Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions offers its AL150 Abrasive Pipe Notcher/Grinder. This machine can notch pipe between 90 and 30 degrees with the correct cope and is suitable for double corner joints. It can be used for notching gas pipes, steam pipes, stainless steel pipes and other pipes.

Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. introduces a new End Cut-off System to increase seal life in downstream hydro-testers, and quickly cut pipe samples.

Lord Steel Industry Co.,Ltd (LSI) is a global leading tube&pipe solution provider and manufacturer, specializing in industrial stainless steel tube&pipe,Heat resist High Alloy Pipe, Nicel alloy pipe,Copper Alloy pipe and Titanium.

The tube bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec is expanding its branch office in the USA. The North American service and distribution team moves to Grand Rapids (Michigan). In addition to its new premises, Schwarze-Robitec operates a spare parts warehouse for its high-quality bending machines. Customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico benefit now from faster delivery times as well as first-class services.