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Salzgitter's Europipe to Suspend Pipe...

by tubelinks on 01/02/2015 - 03:32 pm
Tag: Projects

Salzgitter announced that “EUROPIPE GmbH, a 50/50 joint venture of the Salzgitter Group an AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, has received an instruction from Amsterdam-based South Stream Transport BV to halt the production of steel tubes for the South Stream pipeline until further notice, expected at least until February 19.”It said “The financial consequences for the Salzgitter Group cannot be quantified exactly yet.”It added “Europipe GmbH and our wholly-owned subsidiary Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech GmbH, which supplies some of the plates, are endeavoring to minimize the reduction in capacity utilization that this creates.”Salzgitter earlier this mon ...

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