Fiberspar Corporation has Introduced It's Large-diameter LinePipe(TM) Product

Fiberspar Corporation, the leading producer of spoolable fiberglass-reinforced line pipe, has introduced its newest large-diameter LinePipe(TM) product offering twice the reel capacity of similar spoolable products.


Ideal for large-diameter trunk lines or higher capacity gathering/ injection  applications, the new LinePipe LPI is available in a 6.5" configuration that allows twice the continuous amount of pipe on a single spool -- reducing installation time, connections and costs.


"LinePipe offers 20% lower total installed costs than welded steel, " says Peter Quigley, Fiberspar's CEO. "LPI will help push those costs even lower by further reducing the time and resources required for installation."


The LPI design permits 1,200 ft of pipe per spool while meeting safe load restrictions, allowing for longer runs between connections and thus lower  installation costs.



When connections are necessary, they are easily installed in less than a half hour. Made of nickel-coated carbon steel or stainless steel for corrosion protection, Fiberspar-patented connectors use mechanical compression and O-ring seals without needing glue, epoxies or threads cut in the laminate.


LinePipe LPI, which meets or exceeds all industry standards and qualifications, is suitable for sour or sweet gas, oil, or multi-phase gathering applications and high-pressure water or CO2 injection. It is available in operating pressures from 750 to 1,500 psi and operating temperatures up to 180 deg F (82 deg C).

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31 May 2012

By Tube Links