New End Cut-off System from Brandt

Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. introduces a new End Cut-off System to increase seal life in downstream hydro-testers, and
quickly cut pipe samples.


The End Cut Off is designed to ensure quick, accurate parting and beveling on pipes prior to hydro-testing. It also provides quick cut offs in lengths of up to 18” (457.2 mm) long pipes in order to prepare various test samples. The pipe is elevated and loaded into the end cut off spindle, which parts and then bevels the pipe at various feed rates and surface speeds.


Preparing the end of the pipe with a bevel prior to hydro-testing prolongs seal life in the hydro-tester by removing any unwanted burrs on the outside of the pipe to avoid cutting seals as the pipe enters the test heads. The End Cut-off System can be setup to bevel the ends of the pipe or to part off a sample and then bevel the end of the pipe. This allows the operator to prepare various lengths of samples for use in flat tests, ring hardness tests, or tensile strength tests improving process control and meeting manufacturing requirements. Damaged or hooked pipe ends are also removed prior to any further processing.


Brandt’s flexible design increases productivity, reduces down time and provides a safe operator experience.


Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. specializes in machine and system design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning for the Tube & Pipe and Mining industries and has been providing Finishing Floor Solutions for over 20 years.

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