Pipe Notcher/Grinder Can Notch Between 90 and 30 Degrees

Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions offers its AL150 Abrasive Pipe Notcher/Grinder. This machine can notch pipe between 90 and 30 degrees with the correct cope and is suitable for double corner joints. It can be used for notching gas pipes, steam pipes, stainless steel pipes and other pipes.


The machine features a clamp mounted on a compound carriage for grinding diameters and angles in any shape of pipe. It is also equipped with a deburring table on top of the machine. This machine is capable of operating at high speeds, so stainless steel sections can be machined without grinding burrs or heat discoloration, the company says. The grinding roller and grinding belt can be changed easily and quickly without tools, saving time and money.

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29 Jun 2012

By Tube Links